Drs. Manjit Bains and Stan Fell first conceived and started an informal New York General Thoracic Surgical Club after attending a General Thoracic Surgical Club in the early 1990’s. During a general discussion there, Manjit Bains raised the question about having a local meeting in New York on similar lines. An informal group held meetings at Memorial Hospital every 6 months. Subject's discussed were generally interesting cases or invited speakers such as Robert McKenna, Scott Swanson and others. Drs. Martini, Altorki and Bob Ginsberg were very supportive and active participants. When Dr. Fell retired, Mark Ginsburg assisted Manjit Bains with running the club. Meetings continued until 2005/2006.

The idea of rejuvenation of the NYGTSC was first discussed by Drs. Faiz Bhora and Manjit Bains in the spring of 2010 over lunch. It was felt that there was a real need for an organization that brought together the general thoracic surgeons in the NY area to promote collaboration and foster commradarie. Given the wealth of experience and expertise of many thoracic surgeons in the area, it was felt that the club would also promote a spirit of mentorship between the more senior surgeons and their younger colleagues. Above all, it was felt that there was a need to have an organization that allowed for education and scientific thought in a collegial and enjoyable atmosphere. This lead to a consensus meeting in May 2010 held at the NY ITMIG Meeting on May 6, 2010 where Dr. Frank Detterbeck graciously allowed us to have our first informal gathering. The concept of the organization was approved, and Faiz Bhora was given the charge to move things forward.

The first formal meeting of the NTGTSC was held on Thursday June 24, 2010. This was a phenomenal success, with over 50 attendees. Brendon Stiles helped draft a set of bylaws and within that framework, eight members were elected to the Executive Committee.

Our next meetings were held on November 18, 2010, April 14, 2011 and November 10, 2011. At this meeting, the office bearers were elected by the Executive Committee for 2 year terms.

The NYGTSC is a qualified 501(c)(6) tax-exempt organization and a registered organization in the State of New York. It is hoped that this website will serve as our communications hub. We look forward to continued growth of the organization, with many more exciting and educational events!

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